They were tough.
They were incorrigible.
They were rebellious.
These men - some merely teenagers - were held in bondage by voices of annihilation ringing in their heads.  No rehab could turn them away from their rocky paths of smoking, snorting or shooting drugs, or the well-worn trail of drunkenness and stealing.  Nor could near-fatal accidents, homelessness, divorce, near-starvation,
life-threatening infection, imprisonment, threats by drug lords, or blazing fires detour them from their willful way.
They broke the hearts of their loved ones, and their rampant addictions were often masqueraded behind a seemingly wonderful family life.
Each one, ravaged by the ruinous effects of their decisions and habits, realized they were coming to the very end of their chosen paths; some knew they would die if they couldn't find an answer - and soon.
And each, desperate for hope, dragged their feet through the rubble and carnage to one last brightly lit haven, a chance for life and freedom - Freedom House.
These are the stories of seven men whose lives were transformed on their Journey Toward Freedom.
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